Jobs & Internships

Helpful Tips

Still need to find a "match"? Feel free to look for other organizations you can work with.

When you email organizations, make sure to:

    • state your major(s) and, if applicable, your minor(s)
    • let them know you are looking for an internship for academic credit for a particular quarter (make sure to include the start and end dates!)
    • describe why you are interested in their organization for an internship
    • share what skills or knowldge that you have to contribute
    • include your resume and open schedule

Need more help? Talk to our Asian American Studies Academic Advisor: 

Department Teaching Assistantships

Applications for 2018-19 TAships with the Asian American Studies Department are due Monday, February 5, 2018, via email to the AASD Academic Advisor at

Completed AASD TA Applications include the following:

Note: In the application’s “comment section,” you may elaborate on your indicated course preferences, such as preference on being a TA for the same course during multiple quarters (if available), teaching different courses each quarter, or even desire to work with any specific instructor. You are also welcome to elaborate on these points in your cover letter.

Any follow-up questions may be directed to the Academic Advisor, Kristine Jan Espinoza, at

Other Teaching Assistantship Positions

Interested in searching for TA vacancies outside of the Asian American Studies Department? Subscribe to the TA Marketplace Google group!

UC Program Internships

UCLA Center for American Politics and Public Policy (CAPPP)
Quarter in Washington Program

UC Center Sacramento Program

Applications are now open for the Winter 2017  Resilience Peer Network!  RPN will accept only 60 undergraduates and 30 graduate/professional school students for resilience & mindfulness training.  Applications will close December 30, 2016. 


Interested in gaining research experience? The Middle and High School Diversity Project lab focuses on understanding the psycho-social benefits of ethnic diversity in middle and high schools.


Fullscreen Media is hiring hyper-talented undergrad juniors and seniors and grad students to join our paid Internship Program for internships in our Los Angeles (Playa Vista) office! 



The Center for the Study of Women (CSW) is hiring a 25% Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) for the Winter and Spring 2017 Quarters (January 1 – June 30, 2017). Position includes graduate student fee remissions benefits.


The Center for the Study of Women (CSW) has an opening for a part-time student to be a front office assistant (along with three other part-time student workers) to manage the CSW front office and provide diverse and varied administrative assistance to the CSW faculty a


Applications for the 2017-2018 Collegium of University Teaching Fellows (CUTF) is now open!


The Tarjan Center is recruiting candidates for a paid internship opportunity.



Interested in law? Get published in UCLA’s 2016-2017 Undergraduate Law Journal!


Los Angeles has the highest unsheltered street homeless population in the nation.  Every day we see them, but we don't have to accept homelessness as a unsolvable problem.  With your help, we can end homelessness.



Sophomores! Are you interested in learning about research and conducting your own? Apply to RESEARCH ROOKIES TODAY!