News: UCLA Travel Study Scholarships - Deadline: early 2017 (exact date TBA)

December 14, 2016 - 9:45am

The UCLA International Education Office is pleased to provide scholarships to cover full program fees for students selected for the Travel Study scholarship! The scholarships are designed for students who want to engage deeply with their program and develop projects that will highlight their experience abroad to others.  (Note: UCEAP is not Travel Study; these are two different program types.)

In order to qualify for one of these scholarships students must adhere to all scholarship guidelines, including but not limited to:

  • communicating with IEO staff about project details and events on a regular basis
  • attending outreach events as needed
  • attending scholarship meetings throughout the year
  • completing all components of project proposals outlined and discussed during the scholarship meetings with staff.  

Scholarship Guidelines 

Recipients are expected to fulfill at minimum the expectations* outlined below:

  • documenting their Travel Study experience as a Travel Study Program Correspondent and
  • designing and managing an outreach plan as a Travel Study Outreach Coordinator to promote study abroad upon their return to campus. Scholarship recipients will be completing a fellowship with the International Education Office for the full year following their return from abroad. 


  • While Abroad: Program Correspondent

    • Reflection on the experience through written, oral, or other creative means as a part of the final project.  Material submitted would be shared on the IEO website, IEO Media page, social media pages, UCLA Media, departmental websites, and presentations.  These can be shared during your program or afterwards, depending on the type of project.
    • Attendance to all scholarship meetings before and after your program are mandatory. These meetings include project meetings with your respective scholarship advisor. 
    • Correspondents are expected to check their email on a regular basis to ensure that all deadlines are being met and meetings are kept. 
    • In the event you are unable to make it to your scheduled appointments or campus events, written 24 hours notice and make-up attendance at another meeting or campus event is required. 
  • On Campus: Outreach Coordinator

    • Completion of a minimum of 100 service hours upon return to campus the following academic year. The majority of the allotted hours will be dedicated to designing and implementing one major or a series of smaller outreach project during the academic year. The remaining time will be spent on tasks supporting general outreach efforts which include engaging in social media, disseminating flyers, making class announcements, collaborating with student organizations, attending information sessions, participating in routine meetings, peer advising, and administrative assignments to support the marketing team. Outreach Coordinators are expected to keep record of their contributions, as these records will be submitted for review each quarter to ensure scholarship expectations have been met. 
    • Attendance to all scholarship meetings and workshops before and after your program dates are mandatory. These meetings include: orientation, training, and project meetings with your respective scholarship advisor as well as group meetings with the Outreach Coordinator team. 
    • Outreach Coordinators are expected to check their provided email on a regular basis, and respond to all emails within 2 business days to ensure that all deadlines are being met and meetings kept. 
    • In the event you are unable to make it to your scheduled appointments or campus events, written 24 hours notice and make-up attendance at another meeting or campus event is required. 


  • Scholarships in the amount of the recipient's full Travel Study program fee.*
*The scholarship does not cover airfare, textbooks, optional courses not included in the program fee, and any other expenses not included in the official UCLA Travel Study program fee.


  • Applicants must be a University of California continuing undergraduate student*, in good academic standing, and participating on a Travel Study program;
  • Applicants must have either confirmed participation in a Travel Study program with their $300 deposit (submitted upon program registration) or are currently waitlisted on a full program.
*This scholarship is not open to graduating seniors.

Application Deadline

  • The deadline to apply will be in early 2017 (Exact date TBA).

Application Instructions and Required Documents

  1. Complete the online scholarship application questions.  Within the online application, you will also be asked to:
  2. Submit a proposal (PDF): Explain your plan for completing the chosen assignment. Please use your creativity to describe at least 4 ideas you have for executing your project. Please note that you are expected to propose a comprehensive project, and depending on your proposal you may be asked to execute all 4 ideas. 
  3. Provide the contact information and title of 3 professional and/or personal references. 
  4. Provide supplemental information for the two different assignments:
  • For the Program Correspondent portion of your assignment, please provide social media/design/visual samples of previous work you have done that will support your proposal.  For example, you can submit photos, videos, blogs, graphic design work, relevant Instagram/Twitter/Facebook feeds you've created, travel writing, websites you’ve designed, interviews you’ve conducted, scrapbooks, etc. (digital submissions only).
  • For the Outreach Fellowship portion of your assignment, you will be invited for an interview during the winter term.  You will be asked to provide your class schedule and availability.

Applications for the 2017 Travel Study Scholarship will be available soon.

If you are a waitlisted student, you will need to email your application responses to Please contact the IEO for the full list of application questions.

*The scholarship is very competitive and selections are made after a full review by the IEO scholarship committee. Please review further financial aid and scholarship options in addition to fund your program. If you are selected for the scholarship, the IEO Scholarship Committee will discuss the details of your proposal and will outline the minimum expectations required based on your individual project.
* Failure to comply with the scholarship guidelines will result in the REVOCATION of all dispersed scholarship funds. Students will be expected to pay program fees in full in the event of revocation. Outreach Fellows are required to record their contributions and present this documentation to the IEO Scholarship Committee at the end of each quarter.