News: Statement of Solidarity

November 24, 2015 - 10:00am

Statement of Solidarity

We, the undersigned faculty, students, and staff of the Asian American Studies Department and the Asian American Studies Center, stand in solidarity with nation-wide organizing against anti-Black racism represented by such movements as Black Lives Matter, the Million Student Movement, and Concerned Student 1950. Our field, center and department exists because of social movements led by student activists, and this statement of solidarity can be contextualized within a long history of cross-race mobilizations that connects the related disenfranchisements of our communities. We urge UCLA administrators to seriously address the unmet demands of Black Bruins and the Afrikan Student Union who are mobilizing for racial justice on campus. We state our support for these local and national efforts, as allies with Black students at Mizzou, Yale, Ithaca College and many other campuses in dismantling systemic racism in academic institutions.

Asian American Studies Graduate Students Association (AASGSA):
Christina Ayson
Sumiko Braun
Kenneth Chan
Steven Cong
Marcus Degnan
Uyên Hoàng
Frances Huynh
Lawrence Lan
Marcie Lee
Derek Lu
Tiffany Lytle
Nicole Ngaosi
Rita Phetmixay
Laura Chow Reeve
Nausheen Sheikh
Emilie S. Tumale
Dana Weiser
Tracy Zhao

Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies Undergraduate Association (APIUA)

Grace Kyungwon Hong, Associate Professor
Thu-Huong Nguyen-Vo, Associate Professor
Paul Ong, Professor
Jinqi Ling, Professor
David Yoo, Professor
Keith Camacho, Associate Professor
Victor Bascara, Associate Professor
Purnima Mankekar, Professor
Valerie Matsumoto, Professor
Min Zhou, Professor
Renee Tajima-Pena, Professor
Kyeyoung Park, Associate Professor
Marjorie Kagawa Singer, Research Professor
Lucy Burns, Associate Professor
Rachel Lee, Professor
Vinay Lal, Professor

Tieu-Khe Le, AASD Administrative Specialist
Anne R. Bautista, AASD SAO
Meg Thornton, AAAC Student and Community Engagement Coordinator
Gena Hamamoto, Assistant Director, Center for Ethnocommunications
Barbra Ramos, AASC Marketing Manager
Mary Kao, AASC Publications Coordinator
Melany De La Cruz-Viesca, AASC Assistant Director
Arnold Pan, Associate Editor, Amerasia Journal