Event: Specter of Dictatorship: The Rise of the Marcoses in the Time of Duterte

Date & Time

October 16, 2017 - 12:30pm

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10383 Bunche

The Center for Southeast Asian Studies, the Asian American Studies Center, and the Asian American Studies Department welcome journalist Raissa Robles. Robles is the author of Marcos Martial Law: Never Again.

"Thirty-one years after the People’s Power revolution ousted the Marcos dictatorship, the Marcoses are vying for political power once again. This time, they are embraced by President Duterte, who refers to Ferdinand Marcos as the Philippine’s “best-ever president” and hero. For many who lived under the Marcos dictatorship, the current attacks on the media and encroachments on human rights and due process are raising fears that authoritarian rule could return.

Raissa Robles, a Manila-based award-winning investigative journalist, will share her insights into the significance of the rise of the Marcoses, how the same methods used by Marcos to establish authoritarian rule are being echoed by Duterte, and what it portends for the future."

This event, which is part of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies' Fall colloquium series, is free and open to the public.