News: Professor Min Zhou featured in Inside Higher Ed about her new book The Asian American Achievement Paradox

August 5, 2015 - 1:30pm

Professor Min Zhou featured in Inside Higher Ed about her new book The Asian American Achievement Paradox (coauthored with Professor Jennifer Lee, UC Irvine).  The complete article can be found by clicking here.

Asian American Achievement Paradox

The Asian American Achievement Paradox has also been featured by the Savage Minds blog.

Zhou and Lee have done a tremendous amount of science and have a clear body of evidence and a compelling analysis of it.

..the study has taken on a controversial topic and has done a fine job with it. Anthropologists who want to engage the deep theoretical questions about culture, agency, and inequality that come from studying a politically-charged topic like racial inequality in the US would do well to keep this book and its findings on their radar.

To purchase The Asian American Achievement Paradox, please click here.