News: LS 110 Career Exploration in Life Sciences, Graduate Student Researcher Needed (2 Open Positions) - Deadline: As Soon As Filed!

January 12, 2017 - 12:30pm


Life Sciences 110 is a career development course designed for life sciences majors. LS110 is a 2 unit P/NP course and will be offered in Winter Quarter 2017 on Wednesday evenings from 4:00-5:50pm. The course is offered in the evenings to provide the least amount of conflict with other academic, extracurricular, and employment responsibilities. To learn more about the course, please visit:

The Graduate Student Reader position is a great opportunity for graduate students interested in mentoring and learning about active learning in the classroom and the career development process.



Applicants must be graduate students interested in helping Life Science Undergraduates with their career development. Students can work up 9 hrs per week, at $15.32/hour.



  1. Reviewing and giving feedback on resumes and cover letters
  2. Reviewing and grading informational interview reports, self-reflection assignments, and final career portfolios.
  3. Reviewing answers to online questions
  4. Attending 3-5 classes that meet from 4:00-5:50pm on Wednesdays starting January 11, 2017 through February 8, 2017. (1/11, 1/18, 1/25, 2/1, 2/8)


Graduate Student Readers will be given training by course instructor Dr. Rachel Kennison on how to give feedback on assignments.


Deadline: Positions need to be filled immediately! Please contact Dr. Rachel Kennison at ASAP if interested in the position. 

Rachel Kennison, PhD

Associate Director, CEILS

Program Coordinator, CIRTL


office: Hershey Hall Room 210

phone: 310-825-6126