News: Get Paid to Learn!

February 27, 2017 - 12:15pm

Get paid to learn about Asian American histories and Muslim American experiences ---Compensation rate: $100 for an approximately 2-hour interview


Irum Shiekh and Holly Yasui are the recipients of the 2017 Aratani CARE grant from UCLA Asian American Studies Center.  Their project is to collect oral histories of Japanese Americans, Arabs/Muslims/South Asians and other marginalized groups to be used for the writing of a script of a play that draws parallels between the wartime hysteria of WWII and today’s “War on Terrorism,” to be performed at UCLA and other educational and professional venues in Los Angeles.


Currently, Shiekh and Yasui are hiring one or two dedicated students interested in transcribing oral histories of Japanese Americans, Arabs/Muslims/South Asians, and other marginalized communities impacted by the wartime hysteria of World War II and today. You job will be to listen to audio files and transcribe the interviewee (not the interviewer) literally, with incomplete sentences, misspoken words, etc. Most of the interviews are 2 hours long. It may take you approximately 8 hours to finish a 2-hour interview. There is a budget of $100 per interview. You can budget your time at your own pace.

You should have patience to listen and re-listen to ensure that all of the words are captured correctly. Shiekh and Yasui may ask you to do a sample transcription of 10 minutes to make sure that they are able to use your work.


The transcription should include time codes after the hiatus of the interviewer's words and Shiekh and Yasui will provide a sample format and a list of unusual words/names you will encounter in the interview.  


Please send your resume that provides information about your experience and education. A brief cover letter about your background and future interests would also be helpful. Holly Yasui is working on another project that will also need transcription work done. 


Both your letter of interest and resume in pdf format should be submitted electronically to