News: Donald A. Strauss Public Service Scholarship - Deadline: February 2, 2017

January 6, 2017 - 8:15pm

The UCLA Scholarship Research Center is now coordinating the nomination of UCLA students for many major national scholarships and fellowships, including the Donald A. Strauss Public Service Scholarship.


The Foundation annually awards $10,000 scholarships to no fewer than 10 and no more than 15 California college sophomores and/or juniors who tend to have extensive records of community and public service. A central part of the application package is a proposal for a project to be carried out between the end of the sophomore or junior year and the spring of the following year; these proposals shall become a major focus of the selection process.


Fields of study which can lead to public service and a Strauss project include (but are not limited to) the sciences, both biological and physical, engineering, agriculture, environmental management, economics, political science, and the other social sciences, English, history, and the other liberal arts and humanities, fine arts, public health, public administration,  business, government and education.


To be eligible for a Donald A. Strauss Public Service Scholarship, a student must:

  • Demonstrate an interest in public service.
  • Show outstanding leadership potential.
  • Have the desire to “make a difference” in local, regional, national or international communities.
  • Be a Sophomore or Junior.
  • A GPA in the upper 1/3 of his or her class.
  • Submit an innovative, original, public service project proposal.


The UCLA campus deadline for the Donald Strauss Public Service Scholarship is:

February 2, 2017


For more information on this scholarship listed above and the UCLA nomination process, please refer students to the UCLA Scholarship Resource Center (310-206-2875 or 


For campus application instructions, please go to

Flyer: PDF icon020217_strauss.pdf